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Great Reads for Spring!

It's a Great Season for Stargazing!
Fun Fresh Poems for Storytime, Anytime!

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About Giant Sky Books

At Giant Sky Books, we publish books for kids and young adults that can be enjoyed by everyone. Our aim is to create books that light a spark in our readers--of curiosity, creativity, and independent thought. We are a small, independent press, and we hope you grow with us! 



Ants go marching in a row.

Some march high and some

     march low.

Some march over rocks and dirt.

Some march over socks and shirts.

Some push on past stems and leaves.

Some hike over hems and sleeves.

Some fight through a ferny fringe.

Others clamor up clothespins.

Every day across our yard

Ant-venturers travel far.

On a highway through the grass,

On a clothesline overpass,

Ants go marching in a row.

Some march high and some march low.

From Dinosaur House and Other Poems for Children by Jennifer L. Kroll. All rights reserved.


Ant Overpass

Photo credit: Jirat Winij/; banner kite photo: FreeBird Photos/

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People Are Saying...

About Dinosaur House: “This whimsical collection of poems for children has all the markings of a family favorite. Kroll's delightful poems are fun to read aloud. Don't miss out."

The Wordbench

A fun read for both young and old, Four Seasons of Star Stories has maps of the night sky and constellations as they appear in all four seasons. Very entertaining and informative, the stories in this book would be great reads for the whole family before heading outdoors as a group to gaze at the stars!

K. D. B., Amazon reviewer

About Dinosaur House: “I work with kids and they enjoy this book as much as I do. I bought two copies for teacher friends of mine so they can get in on the fun." 

R. Demougeot, Amazon reviewer

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